General terms and conditions

1. Contents of the website

The information on this website is for informational purposes only.  Consulting the website does not create a lawyer-client relationship, nor can the information provided be regarded as legal advice. Although every effort is made to provide up-to-date and correct information and this website is regularly updated, the law firm is not liable for the information provided via this website, nor for the content or existence of other websites to which this website contains hyperlinks.



2. Intellectual Property Rights

The law firm retains all intellectual property rights to the content and form of this website.


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3. Applicable law and competent courts

BV Advocatenkantoor Kris DHAENE manages this website from Belgium. Therefore, the content of this website is fully subject to applicable Belgian law and the Belgian courts of the place where the office is located, in particular Ghent, have jurisdiction.



4. Conditions

To simplify the payment of the final cost and fee statement and to avoid unpleasant surprises, the client is asked for advances or provisions. Overviews of costs and services already delivered are communicated at regular intervals.


The cost and fee statements and the commission invoices are payable within fourteen days of receipt of the invitation to pay. If the client does not agree with the requested advance payment or the final statement, he must protest in writing within fourteen days of receipt.


After a written reminder to pay the outstanding costs and fees and in the absence of a justified protest, the client owes interest on the outstanding balance equal to the statutory interest rate from the date of the reminder.


In the event of professional errors, any liability of Mr. Kris DHAENE is limited per claim to the amount paid out by the insurer under professional liability in the relevant case.


In the event of disputes regarding cost and fee statements, the Belgian courts of the place where the office is located (Ghent) have jurisdiction.