Advice and defense

A specific problem can have an impact on different aspects of your life.


That is why the office offers an all-round legal service that takes into account all the consequences of certain facts and decisions, regardless of the spectrum of the legal domain.


This way you will be optimally informed on a personal, family and professional level.


Nevertheless, the firm can boast a specialization in personal and family law in the broadest sense of the word.


The office also has experience in road traffic law (traffic violations, handling of traffic accidents), tenancy law (both on behalf of the tenant and on behalf of the landlord) and social security law.


The office holds the Special Training in Juvenile Law certificate, which allows it to assist minors who are confronted with the Youth Court in the context of judicial assistance.


The office provides professional legal advice and determines together with you what steps should be taken.


A procedure is never the first option. Attack is sometimes not the best defense either.


However, if a procedure is unavoidable, the office will assist you in all phases of the process.